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The Gristmill of East Arlington, Vermont was built in 1764 by Remember Baker, who was first cousins with Ethan Allen & Seth Warner. The three cousins formed “The Green Mountain Boys.” They were the leaders of the Revolutionary War in Vermont, and THE MILL served as a meeting place for them. In fact, Arlington became the first capital of Vermont in 1777.

Revolutionary ideas happened here.

Not unlike The Green Mountain Boys and The Arlington Artists of the 1940’s, we live in an era of rapid change. New England was the birthplace of American democracy, and the Arlington Artists of the mid-20th century captured our country’s ideals in simple, every day pictures.

It is our turn to update that vision and create new opportunities for future generations. It is key to articulate the importance of our history, while embracing innovation.

Housed in Remember Baker’s original gristmill and surrounding buildings, THE MILL is an historic campus created to support these ideals with a focus on connectivity, creativity, innovation, and collaboration (on both the individual and organizational levels). At THE MILL, history, the humanities, the arts, education, and community all intersect.

The building’s original purpose was to refine wheat into coarse grain (grist) and then into flour. THE MILL’s newest purpose is to assist young creatives in refining their talents & skills – and  to allow established artists to re-define themselves by exploring new creative territory in a safe space.

Approximately 3.5 hours from both Manhattan and Boston, THE MILL is an inspiring setting for artists, writers, performers, musicians, innovators, inventors, and historians to develop new works and share their ideas. It is an ideal environment for them to build collaborations with peers and serve as mentors through youth education initiatives.

Once a meeting place for The Revolutionaries, THE MILL is now a meeting place for both young and established creatives to collaborate and develop Revolutionary ideas in the Arts and Humanities!